Sophocles Antigone Choral Odes

Recited by Christopher Marchetti

Videotaped at Rutgers University, April 24, 2010

Thanks to Prof. Timothy Power and the Classics Department

Parodos (English and Greek)

First Stasimon (English and Greek)

Second Stasimon (English and Greek)

Third Stasimon (English and Greek)

Recorded at Temple University, March 30, 2010

Thanks to Prof. Karen Hersch and the Department of Greek and Roman Classics

(mp3 audio format)

Parodos (English)

Parodos (Greek)

First Stasimon (English)

First Stasimon (Greek)

Second Stasimon (English)

Second Stasimon (Greek)

Third Stasimon (English)

Third Stasimon (Greek)

Fourth Stasimon (English)

Fourth Stasimon (Greek)

Fifth Stasimon (English)

Fifth Stasimon (Greek)

Kommos (English)

Kommos (Greek)